Machine Learning Trading Algorithms
Emotomy Publishes Paper On Trading Using Machine Learning.
Northern Trust Completes Acquisition of Emotomy
Northern Trust Asset Management Completes Acquisition of the Emotomy Platform
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AI in Finance
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Comprehensive Wealth Management Platform for Financial Advisors

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Built by CIOs for CIOs, Emotomy is a powerful white-label digital investment advice platform designed for financial advisors.

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Branded Platform For Your Firm
Emotomy Turbo: Your Platform Branded For Your Third-Party Distributors
Hybrid Web / Mobile
Automated Compliance Oversight
Fully Customizable
CRM Integrations
For CIOs
and Investment
Client Portfolio Builder
Portfolio Rebalancer
Advisor Tools
Investor Tools
Paperless Onboarding
Client Risk Questionnaires
Electronic Signatures
Automated Trading
Brokerage Account Management
Cash Management *
Market Research / Commentaries
Performance Reporting
Market Data
RIA Database
Distributor-Branded Platforms
Investment Policy Statements
* Currently available at some custodians only.

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In The News

Northern Trust Completes Acquisition of Emotomy
Northern Trust Asset Management Completes Acquisition of the Emotomy Platform.
Northern Trust To Acquire Emotomy
Northern Trust Asset Management to Acquire The Emotomy Platform.
FT 300 List: The Top US Registered Investment Advisers In 2019
Belvedere Advisors / Emotomy recognized in top 300 RIAs in 2019 by Financial Times.
Nikkei Global Women Leaders Summit
No Age-Limit for New Endeavors.
TD Ameritrade Innovation Quest Fintech Competition
Three Finalists Pitched Their Ideas Live on Stage at National LINC 2019.
TD Ameritrade Announces three Finalists
TD Ameritrade announces three finalists in its first fintech competition.
TD Ameritrade Institutional Names RIA Fintech Competition Finalists
Three Innovation Quest Finalists, Chosen from 135 Submissions, to Pitch Big Ideas Before 2,000 RIAs at National LINC 2019.
TD Ameritrade Institutional Holds First Fintech Competition
Finalists don't seem to mind stipulations like the right of first refusal, which one said are to be expected to come when working with a large custodian or other institution.
Automated Investing is Finally Here
Most of us know that so-called “robo-advisory platforms” represent the future. A number of advisors are already delegating their smallest accounts to Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, Betterment Institutional or Folio Institutional, or referring them out to Vanguard Personal Advisory Services.
Wealth-Management Platform For Transatlantique Private Wealth
Emotomy, the cloud-based wealth-management platform, announced today that it had signed an agreement with Transatlantique Private Wealth LLC, the US arm of a global private bank, to provide digital wealth-management capabilities to the firm's private wealth managers.
The age of automated investing is finally here — in an unlikely package. Emotomy will do a whole lot of things you probably never wanted to do — and more of the things you DO want than the outsourced platforms that most advisors are using today.
Worrying Makes You Smarter
Embracing stress improves our ability to concentrate and make decisions. The value to advisors – and their clients – is obvious.
Emotomy: Value Delivery Chain from A to Z
Emotomy is a marketing tool for financial institution clients. It is not just a robo-advisor—it is a comprehensive interactive tool that touches each element of a wealth management business’ value delivery chain.
Emotomy appoints Arvin Babu to its advisory board
Emotomy, a white-label digital wealth-management platform for investment advisors and other financial institutions, announced today that Arvin Babu has joined its board.
Emotomy Launches 'Emotomy Turbo' For Asset Managers
Emotomy Turbo enables asset managers to create white-label digital portals for their external distribution partners.
Emotomy Integrates With Interactive Brokers
Emotomy, a digital wealth-management platform with over $1.7 billion in assets, announced its integration with Interactive Brokers, a broker-dealer for financial advisors, hedge funds and other investors worldwide.
Why Market Exposure Counts
During my career as an investor, I’ve lived through three stock-market crashes: 1987, 2001 and 2008. Many of my clients have lived through them, too. Each crash was preceded by overconfidence and followed by reluctance on the part of retail investors.
Where women advisors may finally thrive
Too often, a powerful woman finds herself the only woman in the room. Even worse, a powerful woman may be mistaken as the assistant to the men in the room.
Cater To Clients Who Care
As a longtime investment advisor, I have never walked into my office and thought, 'Finding clients is so easy.'.
Emotomy Finalist In 2017 Wealth Management Industry Awards
Emotomy, the digital wealth management platform for financial advisors and their clients, was named a finalist in the Digital Advisors category. A flexible and intuitive investment tool, Emotomy can be used like a robo-advisor; advisors and clients alike can set goals and select model portfolios or construct, back-test and compare portfolios of their own. Beneath the user interface hums a robust institutional platform that can monitor advisor activity and automate delivery of compliance disclosures and service reports.
"We are thrilled that Emotomy was recognized for its flexibility and power," said Patrick Beaudan, CEO of Emotomy and of Belvedere Advisors, a registered investment advisor based in Tiburon, California. “We are taking digital wealth advice to the next level, and it's gratifying to see our endeavor acknowledged.”
Emotomy is currently integrated with TD Ameritrade Institutional's VEO® platform as well as with Charles Schwab, E*Trade Advisor Services, Interactive Brokers, DocuSign and Redtail amongst others.
Emotomy Interview With Strategic Investor Radio
A visualization platform, Emotomy assists the investor to more easily and accurately envision what the investment portfolio is actually doing.
Emotomy In Forbes: Digital Wealth Management
Lured by the presence of lower commissions and the absence of sometimes awkward sales pressure, investors of all stripes appear eager to embark on relationships with robo-advisors.
Emotomy Introduces Overlay Signals
Emotomy announces the launch of new state-of-the-art "asset-class overlay algorithms", sophisticated risk management techniques.
Emotomy Partners with Mercury Capital
Mercury Capital Advisors announced that Emotomy will power AlphaOptimizer on the iFunds Private Wealth Advisor platform.
Financial Experts Launch Emotomy For RIAs
After 18 months in beta, Emotomy publicly announced a new robo-advisor building platform for independent RIAs.
Emotomy CEO Joins Board of NAAIM
Emotomy announced today that its CEO Patrick Beaudan has joined the board of the National Association of Active Investment Managers.
Emotomy And E*Trade Advisor Services
Emotomy announced today an integration with E*Trade Advisor Services.
Emotomy CFO In Forbes Japan
Trends in Finance from a financial pioneer's perspective.