General Overview
General overview of Emotomy.
Portfolio Engine Overview
General overview of Emotomy's Portfolio Engine where a firm customizes its implementation of Emotomy.
Advisor Account Overview
Overview of the functionality available to your financial representatives.
Overview For Capital Introduction Groups
View how capital introduction groups can use Emotomy to showcase their investment strategies to prospective clients.
Getting started
Getting started as a new client with Emotomy's Portfolio Engine.
View the detailed profile of your firm on Emotomy.
Set up the behavior and functionality of Emotomy for your firm.
Enable newsletters, edit a newsletter and notify users.
View all your users and their portfolios.
User modules
Select which portfolio construction modules are available to users to build their own custom portfolios.
Set the financial parameters — such as the risk-free rate — that Emotomy will use to compute the financial statistics of your building blocks and user portfolios.
Set up how you wish Emotomy to compute trades in client accounts and either send you trades for approval and execution, or submit trades to your custodians on your behalf.
Tagging Veo Accounts
Manage which Veo accounts each user may see on Emotomy. This is intended for users who are financial advisors and need to see their client accounts.
Tagging Schwab Accounts
Manage which Schwab accounts each user may see on Emotomy.
Create and manage personalized Emotomy portals under your firm's Emotomy platform. These portals can be used by third-party brokers and investment representatives to market your investment strategies to their own clients, onboard clients electronically and use all the features available to in-house representatives, but under their own brand. Personalize these portals with the representative's name, logo and contact information.
Risk scores
Understand how risk-return scores are computed by default for all firm and user portfolios and how they relate to your firm's efficient frontier. The risk scoring algorithm can be adjusted to any preferred methodology upon request.
Price extensions
Extend the price history of a security with a related index or other security.
How to create a building block strategy from listed symbols, assign a benchmark and client allocation limits.
Create a description of the investment philosophy, approach and main exposures of a building block strategy that users will be able to see.
Change the portfolio components, weights, fees or risk management rules of an existing building-block strategy.
Compare your building blocks to each other or to listed securities.
Upload and manage your building blocks with spreadsheet uploads.
Client Proposal
Create a proposal for a prospect using a recent brokerage statement, and send the proposal by email as a pdf document.
Client Profiling and Account Reviews
Send invitations to a client to build a custom portfolio, complete a personal and investment risk profile, or complete a request for a comparison between their personal investment portfolio and your firm's portfolios.
Upload your firm's disclosures, enable users who are your advisors to upload their own disclosures — such as Form ADV2B, and automatically send a disclosure package to a client regarding an investment portfolio.
Client eSignature
A client invests with your firm and walks through Emotomy's electronic signature process to complete your firm's onboarding package. Your documents can include forms ADV and ADV2B, your privacy policy, business continuity plan, investment policy statement, investment management and financial planning agreements, fee disclosures and electronic delivery consent form. Emotomy will customize this process to accommodate other documents that your firm might require in its onboarding process.
eSignature invitation
A financial advisor creates an invitation to complete your firm's onboarding package and sends it to an investor. After the client has reviewed and signed these documents online, the advisor receives an invitation to complete an online account review. That signed review, along with all documents signed by the investor, is then automatically sent to the firm's compliance department for final account approval.
Onboarding at Interactive Brokers
Let a client open a new account online at Interactive Brokers. In most cases the client will be issued a new account number on the fly. This process does not use DocuSign or any third-party electronic signature applications.
Onboarding your client at E*TRADE Advisor Services
Open a new account online for your client, receive a new account number on the fly and send a DocuSign envelope to your client that contains the RIA and brokerage documents that need to be signed.
Client self-onboarding at E*TRADE Advisor Services
Let one of your clients open a new account at E*TRADE Advisor Services online. The account number is generated on the fly and the client receives a DocuSign envelope that contains the RIA and brokerage documents that need to be signed.
Onboarding your client at TD Ameritrade Institutional
Send a DocuSign envelope to your client that contains the RIA documents that need to be signed to open a TD Ameritrade brokerage account.
Upload a client's brokerage account
Upload the results of a client's brokerage account to Emotomy and compare the historical time-weighted performance of that account to the investment strategies you offer or other listed securities or portfolios.
Build, change and manage your custom client risk questionnaire. Use Emotomy's library of preset questions and answers or create your own. Set the flow of your questions and test drive your questionnaire before publishing it to your robo interface.
Questionnaire Investment Policy
Design an investment policy to customize how Emotomy builds suitable custom portfolios from your client risk questionnaire.
Introduction to creating and using overlays on Emotomy.
Create a custom overlay that can be used as a stand-alone trading signal or applied inside your building block strategies.
Apply an overlay to your building block strategies.
Search the RIA database, which Emotomy automatically synchronizes with, for registered firms and representatives.
Send an RIA a portfolio
Search the RIA database and share one of your portfolios with a registered representative.
Emotomy 'pure robo-advisor' configuration
Offer your clients a pure robo-advisor solution that opens accounts and trades accounts at your custodian using Emotomy.
Managing clients at E*TRADE Advisor Services
Manage your book of business and client accounts in real-time at E*TRADE Advisor Services.
Managing clients at Veo
Manage your book of business and client accounts in real-time at Veo.
Manage your models and portfolios at Veo using iRebal.
Manage your Veo accounts
Build a custom portfolio on Emotomy and assign it to a client's brokerage account at Veo.
Charles Schwab
Manage your users' Charles Schwab accounts on Emotomy.
Review automated trades
Review, approve the trades that Emotomy computes daily in your client accounts that correspond to that account' custom portfolio.
Trade a building block you uploaded
Let Emotomy compute and execute trades in client accounts that employ a building block strategy uploaded by your firm using a spreadsheet or via trade signals sent by your firm to Emotomy.
Run custom fee reports on your client accounts.
CRM integration - Redtail
Let Emotomy automatically enter your activity notes in your clients' contact records — such as new account opening, saving new portfolios, inviting clients to walk through a risk profile and more.