About Us

Our Story

Emotomy’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that technology should [em]power people, not replace them. It rests upon the notion that the best technology is no substitute for the human element – and investors are best positioned to reach their goals when working alongside a financial advisor. Our view is that leading financial advice of the future will be delivered by a human connection, powered by digital interaction. We’re on a mission to help financial advisors win the hearts and minds of their clients by digitizing the way they work and providing the tools to build better investments. Originally designed by a chief investment officer as a solution to serve his high-net-worth clientele more efficiently, Emotomy has evolved into a solution enabling financial advisors to deliver their distinct investment solutions at scale, to all types of investors.

Financial advisors don’t take a one size fits all approach and neither do we. Since its inception, Emotomy’s approach to building financial technology for advisors has been to build it flexible enough to adapt to them, versus requiring advisors to change how they do business. This continues to be our “North Star”, guiding every decision made to enhance the platform. When fueled with the right technology, financial advisors have the opportunity to enhance the lives and financial well-being of more people. And we’re committed to providing it for them.

With decades of experience serving financial advisors, we live by the mantra “we succeed only when you succeed”. You provide the human connection, Emotomy provides the digital connectivity. Together, we give investors access to personalized investment advice they can trust.