Customization — at Scale

With Emotomy, you get true customization. You don’t have to customize your practice for Emotomy. You can customize Emotomy for your practice.

Key Features:

White-Label Platform

Emotomy empowers you to deliver your distinct investment practice in a custom-branded fashion: with a personalized URL, custom fee schedules and disclosure documentation, and third-party distribution for broker/dealers.

Customized Model Portfolios

Easily create customized individual portfolios using your proprietary models or ours. Apply your sophisticated trading methodologies with the click of a button.

Market Your Models

Effortlessly share and market your investment model portfolios to other advisors with quick access to a database of all RIAs that is updated by direct feeds from the SEC.

 Easily create customized portfolios

Find out how to put the power of Emotomy to work for you.

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