Institutional Portfolio Management Engine

Whether you hang your hat on investment management or outsource portfolio construction, we have solutions to help you and your clients.

From portfolio management, including customization and rebalancing, to data analytics and visualization, Emotomy gives you access to wealth management tools typically available only to institutional money managers.

Plus, you and your clients have access to the investment and asset allocation expertise of Northern Trust Asset Management, a $1.3T asset manager, through pre-built portfolio options.

Key Features:

Portfolio Construction Tool

Our open-architecture portfolio construction engine allows you to upload and manage your existing portfolios, or create your own solutions using ticker symbols in a few easy steps, aligned to your firm’s investment policy. What’s more, you can apply your risk management to your strategies and match your clients to the appropriate portfolios in minutes.

Portfolio Visualization

You can also demonstrate your value by using our data visualization capabilities to compare your strategies to a benchmark or any listed security.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Rebalance your portfolios using traditional methods like time and target weights — or leverage our proprietary algorithms to rebalance based on quantitative factors such as volatility, momentum, Sharpe ratio, and more.

Investment Management Outsourcing

Advisors can streamline and grow their business with portfolios designed to meet a wide range of investment needs, managed by Northern Trust Asset Management, one of the world’s largest asset managers. Learn More

 A wealth management tool that allows you to create, analyze and rebalance portfolios