Paperless Automation

Go paperless! Digitalize your paperwork to improve efficiency, increase document security and compliance and potentially reduce operational costs associated with storage costs and printing.

Key Features:

Client Onboarding

Open accounts easily and quickly directly with custodians with e-signatures and paperless onboarding.

Digital Documentation

You’ll have peace of mind and save time with automated disclosure and time-stamped confirmation for each completed risk questionnaire and resulting portfolio.

Client Communication

Connect with clients and prospects wherever they are, with text and email features to deliver invitations, links to proposals, risk questionnaires, etc., with automated messaging.

Account Repapering

Changes in account paperwork are painless with Emotomy. You have the option of sending paperwork updates to all, some, or just one of your clients — with the click of a button.

 Paperless onboarding, eSignatures, digital documentation and automated messaging are just a few of the features of paperless automation